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Fantasy Premier League

Dele Alli could be your best FPL midfield pick for the 2021/2022 Season



Tottenham Hotspurs Midfielder Dele Alli have not been much of an impressive FPL asset for 3 seasons now.

His 2020/21 season performance was his worst, scoring only 30 pts in 15 match appearances. This performance is in complete contrast with his most impressive season of 2016/17 when he scored a total of 225 FPL points.

However, the 2021/22 season may happen to be another wonderful season for the player as the arrival of Portuguese Nuno Espírito Sancto may favour him quite well.

Nuno was appointed as Spurs new head coach on 30th June, 2021 and was given a 2-year contract. In his attempt to building the squad since his appointment, he has included Dele Alli in his selection for the two club friendlies the club has played.

Dele Alli has scored in both appearances and even wore the captain armband in their 3-1 victory away from home against his former club Milton Keynes Dons. This goes to show that he may be a continuous pick option for the club in the 2021/22 season.

Also, He has said in an interview with ESPN that he wants to make this season his best.

“I want to make this year one of the best I have had. A lot of people have said I need to find the form I was in a few years ago. For me, I don’t even want to get to that, I want to go past that and reach my full potential to be the best player I can be.” According to

He is currently prized at £6.5m and is affordable by any manager despite having FPL kings like Salah and so on. He may just happen to be the best choice yet. 

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Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League 2021/22: A Whole Guide for Newbies



If you’re new the fantasy football game, we got you covered on tips to urge you running.

The 2021/22 Premier League season is ready to start on 13th of August, 2021 and new managers are excited to start the season

There are some things that each new player should be clear on.

1. How does one register a FPL team?

2. How does FPL work?

3. How does one join Leagues?

4. How are points awarded?

5. what’s a Gameweek?

6. What are FPL chips?

7. What prizes you you win?

How does one register a team for FPL 2021/22?

To get your team registered, visit the game’s official website, and click on on “sign up” if you haven’t gotten an account.

Enter all the data required of you and choose a team name. Then the foremost exciting part – picking your players!

Every FPL Manager is given a budget of £100 million to choose a squad of 15 players: two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. Only a maximum of three players from each Premier League team can be selected.

You can make unlimited transfers until 18:30 (BST) on Friday, August 13 – 90 minutes before the first Premier League game. There is an ‘Auto Pick’ option if you choose to permit automatic selection by the game

How does one play FPL & what rules apply?

The aim of every manager within the game is to be awarded as many points as possible.

You are to pick a starting XI from your 15-man squad in every ‘Gameweek’ and that they will receive points in step with their performance in each fixture.

You can set your team in any desired formation. It must include one goal keeper and a minimum of one forward.

Note to rearrange the order of your substitutes’ bench, the game will automatically substitute a player in if one in every of the players in your starting XI doesn’t play the gameweek.

The game also requires that each manager selects a captain and a vice-captain before each gameweek.

Your captain will receive double the number of points, while the vice-captain may be a back-up choice just in case your original selection doesn’t play, and double points awarded to the choice pick.

How does one join Leagues and the way do leagues work?

You will be entered into general leagues automatically, including a fan league of the team you support, a national league and an overall league.

You can also create mini-leagues or join others by invitation. Invitational leagues may be classic or head-to-head.

Classic leagues are ranked in keeping with total points, while head-to-head league requires that you simply play directly against other managers. You get 3 points for win, 1 for draw and 0 for loss. The manager with the foremost points at the top of the season wins the league. A tie in points is broken by the foremost league points.

How is fantasy point-scoring done?

Points are awarded to every player supported their performance in gameweek matches. the factors for awarding points are;

⁃ Playing up to 60 mins – 1 point

⁃ Playing 60 mins or more (excluding stoppage time) – 2 points

⁃ Goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender – 6 points

⁃ Goal scored by a midfielder – 5 points

⁃ Goal scored by a forward – 4 points

⁃ Goal assist – 3 points

⁃ Clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender – 4 points

⁃ Clean sheet by a midfielder – 1 point

⁃ 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper – 1 point

⁃ Penalty save – 5 points

⁃ Penalty miss – 2points

⁃ Bonus points for the best performing players during a match( 3 players ) – 1-3 points

⁃ For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender – 1 point

⁃ Yellow card – 1 point

⁃ Red card – 3 points

⁃ Own goal – 3 points

What is a ‘Gameweek’ & when are the deadlines for transfers & changes?

A gameweek simply refers to the Premier League matches that would be played during a particular timeframe, common gameweeks have 10 played matches, with all 20 premier league teams involved.

Exceptions to the present happens, with there being specific weeks where a team may have one match counted as a part of a gameweek, while other sides might not have a match to play the least bit. A total of 38 gameweeks are played.

Deadlines are closely related to gameweeks , where you want to make transfers and team changes made before a given day and time.

The deadline for every gameweek is 90 minutes to the first fixture.

What are ‘Chips’ in Fantasy Premier League?

Every manager  is allocated chips that may be used on a team during the Premier League season to assist and enhance performance and point scoring.

These chips are: Bench Boost, Triple Captain, Free Hit and Wildcard.

Bench Boost allows a team to receive points for his or her starting XI and substitutes, and may be used once a season.

Free Hit, meanwhile, gives the FPL manager the prospect to make unlimited transfers to their team for one gameweek.

A Triple Captain chip may also only be used once within the season and implies that the player selected as your captain will score three-times the number of points for one gameweek.

The Wildcard chip can be used twice during a season and allows unlimited transfers to be made.

What prizes are you able to win in Fantasy Premier League?

Various prizes are made available across the season for those managers whose team perform well.

The grand prize for finishing in first place within the overall Fantasy Premier League standings of all global players is a seven-night break within the UK including VIP hospitality at two of the subsequent season’s Premier League matches.

Other prizes also are awarded to the individual including a Hublot connected watch, a replica of FIFA 22 and a games console.

Also, an assortment of prizes given to the runner-up, third-place and therefore the season’s FPL Cup winner, further as those who win the Manager of the Month and also the Manager of the Week.

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